When free speech costs £30k

Readers of my blog will know that I think it is essential that users of social media have helpful guidance. Because there is yet another story in the media today about potential litigation. In this case, a former SNP MP for the constituency of Glasgow East is being sued for £30k. In this case, by a…

License to trill – always train staff who use corporate Twitter accounts

As part of my MSc research into public sector staff use of social media, I created some simple recommendations. These outlined that it’s important to be clear on who has access to corporate social media accounts and to ensure these individuals are fully trained on the do’s – and the don’ts.

Sharing my MSc research with Leeds Beckett students

Today was a momentous day as I talked publicly about my MSc research for the first time. My research is entitled: Public sector beware: How it has become too easy to broadcast our private thoughts in the public sphere using social media. An examination of public sector organisational and employee preparedness in light of a communications digital revolution….