How tech trends will impact engagement

WGSN’s latest report regarding tech marketing trends for 2016 once again underlines the challenges for brand communications and engagement in a media landscape that continues to fragment.

The report highlights how the media landscape seems to be moving in an ever more mobile direction, highlighting a Google report that last year more of its searches occurred on mobile devices than on desktops in 10 markets, including the US.

Landscape or portrait video?

We’re now shooting clips on our mobiles in landscape format  to work best on desktop and broadcast. However, vertical video, championed by Snapchat, is on the rise as on demand video takes centre stage.

Wearable tech

Smart devices and wearables are also garnering more attention. In the coming year these will present opportunities for developers to create apps to be integrated into users’ daily lives. All of this points to online and real life marketing really beginning to converge.

Tech reports are great to challenge our thinking and practice as communicators. But there’s also a sense of anxiety around needing to keep up and keep pace. Adding to the agony of wondering whether your  current strategy is still going to cut it.

At a communicators masterclass event I attended yesterday, it was evident the talented people in the room struggled with multiple and conflicting pressures. The size of our team and resources will compound this. Whilst I enjoy reading trend reports I think we should do so with measure and consideration to our business objectives and stakeholder priorities. We must use our professional judgement to decide what is right and be clear on our purpose and path.

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