Ideas are the lifeblood of any writer…how do you gather and record yours?

Anyone in any creative industry is likely to agree with me when I say that ideas are everything. For me, having the shortest memory span ever. It’s not just about thinking of great ideas. It’s making sure I record them in a timely way that really matters. Here’s how I do it.

I’ve talked before about how to harness ideas and one of my key hints is to always carry a notebook. I just love stationery as well as preferring to use a fountain pen amongst the highlighter pens and sticky markers.

The coloured pads, the pens (how they look, feel in my hand and write on the page) is really important as it’s about how the thoughts in my head then translate onto the notebook page. Simply put, I need the creative ideas from my brain to look equally inspiring when they hit the page.

Real ink lists and highlighting the items I have completed!
Real ink lists and highlighting the items I have completed!

I’m also an avid list maker. This has pros and cons.

It’s good because I can get all the things I want to do make a note of down on a page and then my head knows they are recorded somewhere and I don’t have to get anxious trying to remember them all.

It’s not so good because boy, do I have lots of thoughts and ideas! This means I inadvertently wind myself up because the list is so long and there are so many pages of lists that I feel I am never getting through everything and beat myself up through lack of progress.

I also find creativity breeds. Once I am in a state where I am thinking of ideas they sometimes never stop flowing and before I realise it, I have a dozen or more ideas and two pages of notes recording them.

Even more things I have to do…argh! I am sure this thought process is normal. At this point the planner in my head pipes up to tell me to prioritise and I do have a new prioritisation system now in place that I won’t bore you with (unless someone asks) but seems to be working quite well to date.

But overall I am sure anyone with the same struggles as me in this regard would like to get to a place where our head says well done for striking something off the list; rather than focussing on all the other things we have yet to do.

Got any tips you could share?

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