Why I love print management

It’s a busy week this week; we have an event planned. More on that soon. To support the event I’ve commission some design work. This gets me really excited so I wanted to share with you why I love print management.

It’s a chance to create print harmony

Creative briefs often include multiple elements. These generate an appearance that is harmonious wherever you look. From a brochure to a poster; or a display stand to a social media profile image – everything in the print management world is connected so it really looks the business.

I’m an A to Z kind of gal

Commissioning print has a very definite start and a strong conclusion. The brief. Followed by the creative meeting. The many proofs you go through. Then, finally, the printed item that arrives that is the culmination of all your hard work. It’s easy to see the process from start to finish with print management. That keeps those with a ‘finisher’ psychometric profile like me very, very happy.

It’s amazingly creative

I love working with designers – and I’ve enjoyed working with some really great ones. It’s incredible how a written or verbal brief then gets turned into a proof with colours and images that tell so many stories. Seeing how a designer interprets the things you say into colours and imagery is continually inspirational for me.

Boy, do I like proof reading

It’s those moments when no matter how many proofs you have seen; you just have to check everything – for the 4th time. Has all the text you supplied been used with all the right images? Are there any typos? Has anything crept in to the proof that shouldn’t have? Are there any double spaces? These are my personal favourite and I can spot one a mile off.

It’s a tangible result

I can hold it in my hand afterwards and know I played my part in its creation. So those hours of checking details, briefing amends and reviewing proofs really pay off. In my current role, colleagues get very excited about things they can touch, hold and read, so it helps to build credibility for the skills comms people have for print management.

Print management. Job done.

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