Let’s start the habit of a #dailycelebration

I was listening to one of the speakers at a network event recently. She told us about the first 4½ months in her new role and what she had achieved. I was struck by the realisation that we only seem to celebrate our work successes once a year. Our mindset needs to be better than this. So I’m suggesting we start the habit of a #dailycelebration.

The annual work review is something many of us are used to. The speaker at the event I attended used her platform to share her successes from the first months of her new role. This was fortuitous because her annual review was planned for the following week. So the event was a perfect rehearsal opportunity.

Don’t wait for your annual review to recognise your achievements!

I think that celebrating our hard work once or twice a year just isn’t enough. We need a more positive mindset and to celebrate our efforts as frequently as possible – without getting too big headed though! On a daily basis we’re bombarded with meetings, emails, phone calls and lots of social media channels. And there’s always that super huge to do list looming over us.

I’m sure we all set out to achieve good things each day. I’m sure we all succeed in this endeavour. So how can we spend more time rewarding the results of our endeavours. Here’s three tips you might like to try.

1. Keep a notebook list

Many of us use a notebook on a day to day basis, usually working from front to back. I often write successes and details of compliments or messages of thanks received in the back as they happen. It means I can record good things as they happen and have those all important examples for my annual review.

2. Have a daily mindful moment

When something good happens enjoy it for a while. Stay in the moment and reflect on what went well and the part you played. Remember not to brush off the expressions of thanks you might receive. You could be offending the person making it as well as missing out on not thinking about it enough.

3. One good tweet a day

How amazing would it be to create one tweet per day to celebrate an achievement. Why not use #dailycelebration or a similar hashtag to categorise all your tweets and then put them into a tool such as Storify to bring them simply = and strikingly together.

I might see how many of you are using #dailycelebration in the coming days and weeks!

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