The power of unlimited thinking

Following a period of illness I’ve spent time focusing on getting mind and body back on track. This has included looking into mindfulness techniques and looking at new goals now I feel like pushing forward. I enjoyed a great web chat recently about the power of unlimited thinking to build entrepreneurial skills on Rainmaker FM so wanted to share my key takeaway moments from the session.

“Unlimited thinking means doggedly believing that anything is possible”

Their top tips that might help you include:

  • Not worrying about the limitations
  • Not letting negative thoughts get in the way – truly unlimited thinking!
  • Knowing you can do it and can summon the required resources to do it
  • Establishing a better relationship with you ‘internal dialogue’ (the voices in your head, the devil on your shoulder…)
  • The worst naysayer is in your own head – you need to silence this voice by telling it it isn’t helpful; squash it!
  • Taking a risk, putting something together and making it come to life
  • When you can deliver value everyone will want to come on board
  • Transformation or activity intent needs to actually exist
  • Consumers often have problems that need solving

“Entrepreneurship is focused on creating something out of nothing”

I’ve enjoyed some great content on this platform which often comes in bite-sized chunks you can fit in anywhere. It’s made all the more digestible as they have an app and an RSS service. It’s always good to invest time in yourself. Starting with unlimited thinking seems like a good place! So why not have a listen?

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