Unsubscribe – when engagement goes bad

I have to admit to being quite brand loyal. As I know what I like and I interact carefully. I don’t give away my email address easily.

But now one of the few brands I allowed into my personal mailbox has lost me to the ‘unsubscribe’ button. This made me think about when the line is crossed and when engagement goes bad.

Can we get too much of a good thing?

So why did I unsubscribe? Well, the product and blog related emails began to creep up in frequency. This turned into a daily barrage of sales emails which was beginning to overwhelm me. Less engagement and more disengagement. We might have our favourite brands – but we can get too much from them.

I looked carefully at my emails from this brand and noticed I was getting duplicates to google mail and gmail options. I contacted customer services to have one variant removed. They said they only had one version on record; but did admit they were sending more messages in the run up to busy sales periods.

Despite what they said, I unsubscribed one address option and hoped for better things i.e. less email. They kept coming to the address that I left on their mailing system in increasing frequency.

So with a heavy heart I completely unsubscribed. I really like this brand and I didn’t want the barrage of messages to blight my experience of their products. It was becoming close to this.

Am I alone in my consumer angst?

Surely I can’t be alone in this, I thought. And I turned out I certainly wasn’t. I noticed a rant from someone on Twitter about being over-emailed and trying to unsubscribe. I looked at this topic more closely and in the space of 10 minutes I saw a 2 hour window of frustration from Twitter users on the subject and others having problems unsubscribing. It felt like in the clammer for our attention, some brands are taking engagement too far.

When is there too much engagement?

I agree that if you have a mailing list, and this goes for a blog too, you need to engage routinely. Your followers and advocates depend on you and you need to stay in the forefront of their mind. You need to determine what is going to work best for you and your brand. For some, weekly might be enough; whereas daily can work for others. There’s no magic answer to this question.

Whatever you do; analyse it

Have analytics in place to check open rates and click through rates. If you’re selling online, track conversion from emails into sales. Patterns will emerge and you’ll be able to see what works which will help you hone your efforts.

“Above all else, people are at the heart of the engagement cycle so always have the needs of your customer uppermost in your mind” – tweet this

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