Keep tabs on that domain registration

I had a small tail spin moment this week. My domain registration provider actually telephoned me to remind me that it would be expiring shortly. Sure, I’d had the system generated emails. But when I eventually looked, I realised I didn’t have as much time as I thought. I needed a better plan to keep tabs on that domain registration.

When your domain provider calls you about your registration being about to expire, it feels overly real. I was at the potential crisis point of losing my precious domain!

Calm down dear!

Okay so I’m being a bit dramatic. But it reminded me of the moment when a guy bought the domain for $12. And owned it for about 1 minute.

Former Google employee Sanmay Ved was surprised to find the domain up for sale and when he went to buy it, the transaction went through. Ownership of the most famous search site in the world was transferred to him. However as this was undertaken via Google Domains, it was noticed straight away and within a minute the purchase had been cancelled and Ved’s money was refunded. The flaw was flagged to the Google security team and Ved was handed a reward. This was later doubled once Google discovered he was going to give the money to charity.

It can happen to Google so it can happen to anyone with a domain registered, right?

So here’s some learning tips from my domain registration experience:

  • I renew my domains every 2 years. It sounds daft to make a bring forward notification for 18 months away, but just do it for peace of mind. You might place more credence on a reminder from yourself. The one from your provider could look a bit junky and therefore easy to avoid
  • Schedule more than one reminder. One is easy to avoid and perhaps by the 3rd you’ll do something if you’ve been putting it off
  • Save the login information for your provider securely and in an easy to find place. I had to think a bit to find mine and it didn’t help that I felt a bit flappy at the time. Have it easy to find so you can logon without any fuss and get it sorted at renewal time
  • And whilst you’re at renewal, do some market research and check any other similar names you might want to buy up at the same time… … … anyone???

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