Comms person = storyteller?

Many communications professionals, including myself, will describe themselves as a storyteller. But what exactly does this mean?

We scan seek out a good narrative

We do our best to be connected to colleagues where we work and key contacts. This means as a storyteller we can discuss and shared ideas easily and freely so then we can hone and refine the stories for our target audiences.

Those who tell stories rule the world

We think about language

Ever since I developed my word power (thanks to my primary school tin box) I’ve loved words. So just as stories from the world of fiction contain amazingly descriptive language, as comms professionals we need to find language that explains a subject to the widest possible audience in a way they will easily understand it.

We source the most charming characters

In the comms sense, our story characters are not fairies, wizards or other protagonists. They are the authorities or even down to earth spokespeople who are experts or leaders in their field and can help bring those stories alive. In my current day job I’m telling stories about researchers who’s work could impact people’s lives. Or my storyteller skills show how our academics are training the doctors, dentists and nurses of the future.

We find people who want to listen

We think about how and where we tell our stories. It’s about taking the time to consider the magnificent array of channels available to us. We also have the challenges of sharing these stories in many formats from a 140 character tweet to a press release or web post. Whatever channel we choose, we have to select it carefully and get the tone of voice just right.

What are your best storytelling tips. What’s the most impactful story you’ve told? Please share below, it would be lovely to hear your experiences!

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