Is that media interview right for your brand?

In the struggle to secure media coverage, we can often focus on quantity rather than quality of opportunity. When faced with interview requests it’s really important to ask yourself is that media  interview opportunity is right for your brand.

1. Is it a good fit?

Do your key targets and the audience for the programme or channel fit well together? You need to be sure the audience of the channel is one of your target audiences too. If not, even the most well honed message could be lost in communication. I’ve had ego maniac male colleagues accept an interview with a women’s’ magazine just because it meant national exposure. Even at the expense of them looking rather out of place.

2. Is it worth the effort to prepare?

A live TV interview will obviously need much more multi faceted preparation when compared with the prep needed for a chat with a print journalist. Using experts to not only help with composing key messages but also to advise with tone of voice, inflection, body language and even what you wear can be a big undertaking.

3. Do you have enough time to prepare?

Experienced interviewees could get ready with just an hour to spare; but if it’s your first media interview you need a decent period to craft and rehearse your key messages. If it’s a live interview also having time to consider related issues you may be asked to comment on such as legislative changes or government policy in your specialist area is vital.

4. Is it pre-recorded or live?

If it’s your first media interview best not to go down the live TV route. It could work out fabulously – but it’s a high risk strategy. You need to ease into media interviews so starting with a trade publication or regional paper might be a less risky option.

5. Are you the right person for the interview

It would be easy to accept a media interview for the exposure or prestige. Just remember that you need to have something valuable to say on the topic you’re being interviewed about. Great insights also make a great interview candidate.

Considering these key points will mean you make the right choices for media interviews. It’s important to be well prepared and briefed so any interview experience you go through is a good experience – both for you and the media outlet. But you also need to remember that any media coverage does not make good media coverage.

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