When free speech costs £30k

Readers of my blog will know that I think it is essential that users of social media have helpful guidance. Because there is yet another story in the media today about potential litigation. In this case, a former SNP MP for the constituency of Glasgow East is being sued for £30k. In this case, by a Twitter user, after being called a ‘Holocaust denier’. For me this is evidence that free speech costs.

Action is being taken against Natalie McGarry by Alistair Cameron, director of Scotland in Union, who has been recipient of several critical social media messages from the politician, including one that labelled him an ‘internet troll’.

Social media pitfalls

Readers of my blog and MSc research will see I appreciate the value in social media. Some users are not aware of the pitfalls. Therefore organisations should have guidelines in place to provide staff with a framework so they know what is and isn’t acceptable.

Hopefully with this news, social media users will understand that litigation is real. And whilst speech is free – it must exist within parameters of taste, decency and the law.

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