Sharing my MSc research with Leeds Beckett students

Today was a momentous day as I talked publicly about my MSc research for the first time.

Social media icons montageMy research is entitled: Public sector beware: How it has become too easy to broadcast our private thoughts in the public sphere using social media.

An examination of public sector organisational and employee preparedness in light of a communications digital revolution.

Richard Bailey @behindthespin asked me to join him for the lecture which was more broadly concerning social media policies. As it happened, my MSc research around social media policies in the public sector tied in rather well. Plus having supported my research project at Leeds Beckett University, I knew he was keen for me to share my findings.

You can see my presentation below. I am sharing more about my research project on my MSc pages of my website now too. If you have any questions about it, please do ask. I am keen to share my research findings as widely as possible. So any speaking opportunities regarding my research are welcomed. Please get in touch if interested.

My presentation in full


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