One very pleasing tick in the box

Okay to some it may be a trifling matter; but to me this is big and exciting news. I am so proud to say that the Twitter account belonging to my employer (and set up by my own fair hand) has been officially verified and awarded the much sought after ‘blue tick’.

Whilst it’s just a blue tick to some people, to me it represents my hard work to get the organisation signed up to using social media channels in the first instance, as well as the ability and skills of my team to spend time and effort using these channels to meaningfully engage with our stakeholders.

As Twitter itself says, “Verification is currently used to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and brands on Twitter” so we’re now in a great position whereby other users have assurance that we are a trusted NHS organisation on this channel.

Trust has great significance when you are working in the NHS.

Team celebration for our Twitter verification
Team celebration for our Twitter verification

I have to say thanks to Sarah Lay @sarahlay and the most opportunistic tweet I saw back in February. Her tweet provided some brilliant guidance on navigating the application process. Although I have to say, despite very much being a ‘glass half full person’, I wasn’t 100% confident that the request would come good.

Making the request, via the Cabinet Office no less as this was for an NHS trust, was quite a challenge. The wait of around 4 weeks was pretty tough too. Such was my anxiety, I only told my direct team and then we kept the application to ourselves. Therefore, I was nervous about broadcasting our submission and it being denied.

Cake to celebrate
Tea and cake - with a Twitter tick twist!
Tea and cake – with a Twitter tick twist!

There was no need. Our verification has been made! This week we celebrated at work. I made cupcakes and managed to cut a ‘tick’ out of blue royal icing circles. I think they more or less pass as decent replicas of the prized icon. They tasted good too.

This was one piece of work that in every sense was truly worth the effort. I hope our digital engagement efforts go from strength to strength thanks to this verification.


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